Konkurs na wiersz lub piosenkę w języku angielskim

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Konkurs na wiersz lub piosenkę w języku angielskim

  • 2021-06-30 19:29

Przedstawiamy laureatów konkursu na wiersz lub słowa piosenki w języku angielskim.
I miejsce - Wiktoria Skórnicka z kl. 2dp
II miejsce Jakub Agatowski z kl. 3f
III miejsce Monika Ławrynowicz z kl. 1e
Wyróżnienia otrzymały:
Kira Litwinowa z kl. 1h
Zuzanna Romanowicz z kl. 2ap
Maja Kopczyńska z kl. 2hg
Jeszcze raz serdecznie gratulujemy zwycięzcom. 
Zachęcamy wszystkich do lektury nagrodzonych prac. 
Organizatorzy: Adriana Kamienik i Marzena Aksamit

ANGEL OF THE NIGHT by Wiktoria Skórnicka

I left you far behind
I thought youd leave me
Thought youd be resigned
And yet you e still with me
In every note I see

Master, please let me go from you
Let me live my own life
Let me make my own music of the night
Angel, how did you make me blind
Why did you take my all thoughts, whole mind
Master, how am I suppose to love
When your shadow is far away

You are part of my soul
I need you to be here
Please sing with me once more
Only don disappear

Master, fear doesn discourage me
I need you to be here at night
Angel, I can just let it be
Have to do what I feel its right
Master, my dreams are not enough

Let me see you just one more time
Let me give you my voice tonight
Let me leave all my thoughts behind
Let me touch you, let us be blind

Wishing you were somehow here again
Wishing you were somehow near
I need you here
Lets disappear
Lets go to masquerade

I, Destiny Monika Ławrynowicz

Many tried seeking me, not many have found
They’re corrupted by wants, by desire they’re bound
Missing what is vital and loosing their touch
Soon they’ll all be standing by the eternal Judge

They pray for the meeting, yet tremble at sight
That’s why I don’t often step into the light
You’re feeling my presence, walking in the dark
Despite what you may think, we’re never apart

You’re crossing my rivers, my mountains you climb
I’m always behind you, always by your side

Your only hope, your only dream
What do you fear
What do you see

It is I
Your Destiny

Suffer No More Jakub Agatowski

So you slip away
To catch a “Freedom” train
So many deepest fears
Too many bitter tears
All the tears you cried
They made shiny starry skies
All Ive ever needed
I meet it in your eyes
We are just a runaway kids
With a heart full of dreams
We are abandoned
On a no-name street
Without your love
I got no hopes n dreams
And I know
Sure I know
I know what you feelin
Your pain seems like a thorn
And I know
And you should know
No, no no no
Please, suffer no more
No, no no no
Please, suffer no more
Your voice is like a
Sweetest melody
That keeps me in seems
Keeps my faith to live
Without your smile
World is just a lie
But when I feel your warm
Good Lord, Im not alone
We are just freakin angels sins
With the same broken wings
Your smile still reminds me
There is still hope
Please don ever leave me
And I know...
No, no no no
Please, suffer no more
No, no no no
Please, suffer no more/ x2
Someday we will make it through
I would give up my life just to be with you
And I swear, swear to you
Someday you will
Suffer no more
No, no no no
Suffer no more
No, no no no
Suffer no more
THEM  Maja Kopczyńska
You stand at the door.
No way in.
Perhaps go around it,
But there isn’t a way to bypass the established.
The set in stone destiny is unwaveringly lingering in the distance.
Not far enough but too close; suffocating the wannabe pacifist with an iron fist -
Pressuring, demanding, forcing to take the eye.
They know that blindness is “irreversible” in our minds,
They’ll lie that this is the last straw before pulling the plug,
Their heads are filled with cotton picked by the most innocent hand.

Values Zuzanna Romanowicz

There is more evil than kindness,
But some of the values cannot be changed.
Love and true feelings
That charm and intimidate.
Happiness and strong emotions
That brighten us up.
Wisdom and the expression of will
That protect us against mistakes.
Faith in humanity
That gives hope to overcome the evil
On Earth!

We are only guests Kira Litwinowa

We are all guests in this life,
Why swear, offend,folks strife.
Our envy and savageness
made us disasters arrangers.
Why slander, hate,
And poison each others lives,
Its important in all times.
Finally, it is important to understand in time
That we are all guests in this life;
Life is fleeting, short.
Why are good comfort
Change to sharp words?!
Lets enjoy people!
Be grateful to fate!
That happiness has been to be
at least a gueston Earth!
See in autumn the beautiful forest.
The green luster of the shores.
Rivers smooth surface, blooming gardens,
And the stars of magic paradise.
After all, we are all guests in this life,
Lets love this social life
So that later, in the hour leaving
To know that we did not self-deceiving